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Top 10 Practically Worthless Exercises To Avoid


Know these Top 10 Practically Most Pointless Exercises Ever you should avoid. These worst Exercises will give you more harm than good. There are number of reasons for you to avoid these Useless Exercises Ever. First of all, know the basics of every exercise you perform. People are doing these Top 10 Practically Most Pointless Exercises Ever and are getting no positive change in their body. Well, you are wasting your time and stamina on these worst exercises over and over again and the output is nothing.

Top 10 Practically Most Pointless Exercises Ever You Should Avoid

If you really want to see a change in  your personality, then don’t indulge yourself in these exercises. Fitness experts are quick to point out that there are very few exercises that are completely useless across the board, but here are some exercises you need to avoid in order to get maximum output from your workout. Want to build lean muscle and get the most out of your workouts? Are you training really hard with little or no results? If so, you might be doing the wrong exercises.

Traditional Crunches

Well, first of all get rid of this useless exercise and don’t waste your time on this practically useless exercise. If you are doing this exercise in order to reduce the size of your belly then you are at fault. As this exercise provides no positive result to your body. People hit the gym and then perform hundred of crunches and then still the result is zero. This exercise is not removing the belly fat and the love handles. Abs is made in the kitchen if you work really hard in the gym and after that you eat a lot of food, then believe me you are wasting your precious time on the useless workout.

Disadvantages of Crunches: This workout does not waste your time but also can do a lot of harm to your body as well. Doing crunches may lead to disc ruptures and other serious injuries.

Abductor Method

This is one useless exercise you are doing and getting zero benefit out of it. Most people do this exercise in order to remove the fat inside the legs. But the fact is it delivers no benefit to your body. Fat remains there till the very end and I suggest you to avoid this exercise right now. You can lose weight by doing sit ups as well. The leg exercises performed on this machine are supposed to train the muscles of the inner and the outer upper thigh. However, they rarely provide any results.

Round Back Exercise

This is an exercise which is also very useful as it offers no good to your body at all. This exercise can lead to backbone problems as well. The reason is it puts a lot of stress on your back and then it causes many dangerous injuries as well. You can try classic Dead lifts or Squats in order to stay safe and healthy. Top 10 Practically Most Pointless Exercises Ever will give you complete guide and help you remain safe and active.Top 10 Practically Most Pointless Exercises Ever


Triceps Extension

The other exercise that can lead to harmful results is triceps extension. Most of the people waste their time on this useless exercise. But the result is not the desired one for the workers. You can get better results if you try to do push ups and some other kinds of exercises similar to this.

Leg Press Exercise

The other exercise people do to reduce their weight and get a muscular body is the leg extension exercise. The main flaw of this exercise is the hamstrings are not very active while doing this exercise. And in addition to that, your knee can get affected as well because a lot of forces are acting on it. Read these Top 10 Practically Most Pointless Exercises Ever and make your workouts work better than before.

Barbell Press Exercise

When you do this exercise, then you might some injuries like strain injury or any shoulder injury as well. It can also damage your rotator cuffs as well. When doing this exercise your back and shoulder muscles get no positive results. So try to avoid this deadly exercise if you want to remain fit and healthy.

Shrugging of the Shoulders

Well, a lot of girls tend to do this exercise and even boys fall victim to this exercise. I suggest you to quit this exercise right now otherwise you might be in trouble. This move only works one muscle in the shoulder. So it’s clear that it is useless to try this exercise.Top 10 Practically Most Pointless Exercises Ever

The Russians Twists

This exercise is also very dangerous, but people consider this exercise very vital and love to do this workout, For those people I recommend you to avoid doing this exercise otherwise you might go through a lot of major physical problems. This exercise is very intense and can lead to physical injuries. There are many other options to try and stop doing this exercise if you want to stay fit and healthy.

Disadvantages of Russian Twists: well, the main disadvantage are that it hits your ABS and other vital muscles as well. It hurts your spinal structure as well.

Machine For AB Crunch Exercise

The ab crunch machine delivers more harm than good to your body. So stop this exercise and let your body do natural exercises. The main flaw is people cannot get into the main position and this thing increase the amount of risk as well. You can do other exercise like squats and dead lift in order to get fitter.

Curls Exercise

Well ,If you are doing this exercise, then believe me, you are at fault because this exercise will not do any good. It offers you stress, but the thing is most of the time people don’t follow the basics. So stop doing this exercise and follow these push ups and chin-ups.

Well, this has been the Top 10 Practically Most Pointless Exercises Ever and we have tried our level best to give you the best suggestion so from now on think and observe before you do some sort of workout. Just keep in mind that whether are you involved in these Top 10 Practically Most Pointless Exercises Ever or not. If yes, then immediately change your workout plan. Don’t forget to share this information.



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