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Indian Spring/Summer Lawn Collection 2014, Colors, Designs, Styles & Price List


Indian Spring/Summer Lawn Collection 2014, Colors, Designs, Styles & Price List. Several Indian commercial companies are working to make the Indian Lawn Collection dresser in 2014-15. They are manufactured both the summer and winter clothes for the people of the India. The Indian companies are blessed with a bundle of prints for the Lawn Collection by which they can attract to his customers very well. The main theme of these dresses is that, these dresses are too long in length and looks to attractive in looking.

The lawn dresses in the India you can purchase in the form of trouser and dopatta also and the India further is manufacturing many new varieties to his nation. They are not manufacturing just for the India culture, but also they are focusing on the Pakistan culture and producing the dresses for the Indian people to advertise to the Pakistani dresses.

They are not making the dresses of 1 color; they have the capability to deliver the values to their products in different colors in the India. They are assigning very dark color of their dresses and mostly are in the blue and yellow color. They are concentrating both on the ancient and new day dresses in the India. The India mostly adopts the prints and color also of the Egypt and the people use those dresses in the evening parties and gets enjoyed.

Sub-co kamal Lawn Collection

Sub-co kamal Lawn Collection

Formal Dress Summer Lawn Collection

Let’s see the latest worldwide fashion styles, fashion shows and that are mostly being used in the India and Europe and Western countries also. These all trends and fashions being promoted in the UK and USA a lot and trying hard to generate good surplus in his wealth. These casual dresses are mostly being manufactured and theses dresses are liked to be put on the body mostly on the party occasions.

Some royal collections dresses mostly are sold in both the India and Pakistan and the main reason behind this is that, the spring season is well known season in the Pakistan and India countries. Both the formal and semi-formal fabrics are being produced in the Pakistan and in the Indian country also.

Now in the India printed Chiffon dopatta in the different typed color and looks marvelous. This fashion is catching a peak just of the wedding season and the concentration of the people is not these dresses. That’s why the India is concentrating a lot on the spring season.

Indian Lawn Collection 2014 Informal Spring/Summer Dresses

Now a day in the entire Asia and internationally the Sheep’s clothing, dresses are generating huge sales for the Indian companies. This fashion brand has been successful a lot and expecting to have a further great revenue in the 2014. Its specialty is that the color of these dresses are heart touching and could have believed in the heart of the Pakistani women’s as well.

In the UK and India these dresses are generating lot revenue and the people of these two countries have vowed to have these suit’s and to look like a decent person. Its new name of this dress is Sheep New Casual Dresses 2014 for Girls. Their length is so long and the mostly dresses you can have in long shape.

The Sheep New casual dresses now in the market in the color like Green, pink, red, black, and so many colors also. These dresses in the market have been provided in the style of long shirts, trousers, tights, churidar pyjama and Kurtas also.

The India is also producing a lot fancy dresses in the India and internationally in the South Asian females and UN, USA also. The India is promoting a lot of these dresses in international markets like UK, USA and Pakistan also.

Types of Lawn Collection in India

The lawn is getting popular in the cotton fabric like Swiss Volie. Swiss Volie consists of Shalwar, Kameez and Dupatta also.

  • Printed Kameez is the most popular trend has been in the Asia and western countries also they like UK and USA. It’s a small floral design and it has printed on dopatta along to contrast with simple shalwar. It is in the form of full, but in a shorter length and it is based on a stiff kameez pattern that makes to him/her modern.
  • Five star Classic Lawn Prints are a most popular fashion of the Pakistan country and it’s composed by the painters of the Pakistan. They also are getting popular in the Europe and mostly in the UK and India also.
  • Stroking Colors are a common form if Lawn Clothing and to attract to the customers these are blessed like a natural colors. The Simple Shalwar Kameez with multi floral printed dopatta is being manufactured by the Five Star Lawn.
  • Here some other UN expectable feelings you will see by the Five Star Lawn and they are using the concept of flower on the dresses and then beautiful floral colors are mixed with the flower prints. All the flowers are printed and be a sticker on the center of the dresses.
  • One concept that you often see on the back of the dresses and those colorful floral designs are printed with white color on the back of the dresses.
  • The informal lawn collection also comprises the beautiful and stylish prints of floral designs and they are thin fabric enriched. They are sold with three pieces and to make the dresses more beautiful in look modern.

Sub-Elan Law collection

  • Elan summer lawn collection 2014 Women has a proud to wear the Elan Lawn Collection and it’s a prestigious fashion in the Pakistan and its going to promote in the UK.
  • Elan also manufactures Valentine’s Day romantic dresses 2014 for girls and it’s touching to the mountain edge. These dresses are recently having been launched. Elan is the most leading brand now a day.
  • Elan Bridal Wear New Dresses and it’s attracting the concentration of the girls and its well known attention grabbing brand and it look stunning.
  • Elan collection, which has been a well famous name in the Pakistan and it use a lot in his casual wear, party wear, bridal wear, and in the party wear.
  • Elan Bridal wedding dresses collection is also being provided by the Elan.
  • LSM is one more leading brand and fashion also in the Pakistan. These are the same brands that are mostly used in the Pakistan and being promoted in the UK and in the Europe County also.

Sub-co kamal Lawn Collection

The Kamal Lawn Collection is manufactured along with the Shahajahan in the Lahore and they have shown their 5 different collections to the Pakistan. Their all dresses now you can easily access in different cities like Multan, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Lahore also.

Kamal Lawn Collection have been issued 15 different dresses in the market and they could able to attract the eyes and concentration to their products. Every dress now has 2 different variations in the dresses and colors are heart touching.

They argued that they will be in thirst to give a modern style to their customer and due to which they consumer might be looked best in their dresses. Their main focus is on the Pakistan’s big cities and then they are aiming to put a look on the India and Europe countries also.

They have lots expectations from their customer that in 2014 they will again be their customer and will prove the expansion of their business.


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