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Turkish Fashion Designers List – 10 Turkish Fashion Designers You Should Know

Turkish Fashion Designers

Turkish Fashion Designers List – 10 Turkish Fashion Designers You Should Know

Turkish Fashion is a source of inspiration and everyone loves to lay their hands on the dresses by Turkish Fashion Designers. So, here we have the Turkish Fashion Designers List that you need to know. Whether it is Istanbul fashion Week or Istanbul Design Week these fashion designers will be seen everywhere in Turkey.

Turkish Designers are reaching new heights and innovating the fashion sense as well. Designers from Turkey are reaching global audiences now and here are Ten Turkish Fashion Designers You Need to know now.

Top 10 Turkish Fashion Designers

Well, here we have the list for you

  • Eve Gozen
  • Neijla Guvenc
  • Les Benjamins
  • Gunseli Turkay
  • Arzu Kaprol
  • Zeynup Mayruk
  • Bora Aksu
  • Zeynep Kartal
  • Burce Bekrek
  • Umit Benan

Now, let’s take a look one by one on all these brilliant fashion designers of Turkey.

Burce Bekrek

Burce Bekrek is a really a modern brand which offers a streamlined and stunning design with a focus on quality, clean-cut and immaculate fit. This fashion designer aims to bring a perceptional lifestyle and she is an expert, designing a multi – purpose and unique designs clothes.

This fashion designer has also worked as a Freelancer in freelance design for clients such as Porsche and Bentley and then after establishing this, she has her own label to show the inside story of her artistic vision. She has also been nominated for the Elle Style Awards Turkey for the Young Designer Category.

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Bora Aksu

Well, this man Bora Aksu is famous for his work in London Catwalks and Milan over the past few years. London-based Turkish designer Bora Aksu has received awards over the years as well for his brilliant work. According to Vogue “The buzz around Bora Aksu is ever-growing; it’s easy to see why”.

Bora Aksu collections also caught the eye of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna who purchased pieces of his collections to use as an inspiration.

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Ece Gozen

Ece Gozen started her career at Hakaan Yildirim and there she participated in designing collections in Milan, Paris & London fashion weeks and got the attention for her brilliant skills.

According to Ece Gozen, it is a contemporary ready-to-wear brand. This brand defines itself as “Sportcouture” and combines art, science and technology with innovative ideas. It’s a fresh point of view brings a sport, luxurious look to the ready to wear collections.

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Neijla Guvenc

Well, next in the list is Neijla Guvenc who uses eco-friendly materials in order to create a stylish and sustainable collection for her brand NEJ. Well, this stunning lady recently has been chosen for the Goldman Sachs “10000 women” program, which provides businesswomen around the world with business management guide and mentoring too.

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Les Benjamins

Well, this innovative fashion designer Bunyamin Aydin is aiming to give something new and innovative designs to the audience with Les Benjamins. Les Benamins has maintained traditional high-quality tailoring techniques and aims to provide eye-catching pieces to the customers.

The name Les Benjaminscelebrates the diversity and giving a message that every nation has their derivative of name Benjamin.

The brand has been established in 2011 and it is based in Istanbul. The brand has now expanded from the Istanbul hop area of Galata to sell worldwide.

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Gunseli Turkay

Günseli Türkay is one talented fashion designer and she has worked for Zara after completing her studies and after doing all that she went on to pursue a career of her own with her own Label. She is really innovative and loves to bring something new to the party and she also collaborates with the artists from all over the world.

She has been creating some breathtaking designs, mind-blowing collections adorned with prints and silhouettes. She has also collaborated with British Landscape photographer Reuben Wu in her last three collections. She has won the IMA’s Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award in 2009 and in 2010 she had the representing Turkey at London Fashion Week.

Her aim is to produce positive social and environmental impact in every step of design and production.

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Umit Benan

Umit Benan began his career as an aspiring filmmaker, but after some time he moved on to a career in fashion design, partly inspired by his clothes manufacturer father. One of the exciting things of his collections that every collection of Umit Benan gives a message and delivers a story.

He was settled in Milan in 2006 and now he has been exhibiting his work there each season. The reason of his success and popularity is his aggressively masculine ethos which is seen in every aspect of his shows.

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Arzu Kaprol

Arzu Kaprol has come from a family of couturiers. She has showrooms in Paris and Istanbul which displays garments with a unique, geometric feel. The exciting thing about this fashion designer is this she creates both couture and ready-to-wear collections.

She is very talented as she has the ability to transfer her skills and abilities between two different concepts in order to create innovative ideas.

Turkish Fashion Designers

Arzu Kaprol campaign © Arzu Kaprol

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