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All and Different Types of Mehndi Design for Hands


All and Different Types of Mehndi Design for Hands – Mehndi is famous for its color which adds the color of nature in human beauty. There are numerous mehndi design pattern to enhance your hands, arms and foot attractiveness. These patterns depict a certain cultural norm, values and trends which follow such designs on special festivals. Mehndi awarded you with nature color, it is not just the color of nature, it’s the color of soul which attract more ladies to make them complete of special festivals. These worlds all famous mehndi designs are listed below with images.


Arabic Mehndi design and styles

 Arabic mehndi patterns are the mainly stipulate design because of its easiness to draw. These Arabic mehndi styles are simple as compare to other complex designs like Indian designs. Arabic mehndi design originates from Arab countries and now these designs are famous worldwide.

Arabic mehndi designs are famous for its feminine appearance. The glimpse of nature depicts in Arabic mehndi design. The designs are filled with floral patterns like stems, leaves and flower decorates your body with the color of nature glance.

Arabic styles are the most demand patterns of ladies to draw on hand and arms. The simple Arabic hand mehndi design can enhance to arms to furnish your body with the unique styles. That’s why this design is most demanding on special occasion such as Eid, wedding ceremonies and parties.

Arabic mehndi styles are not just the stipulate in Asian countries, but it is also emerging design in western and golf countries. Many western girls and ladies love to draw nature, patterns on their hands and feet to make their glowing hand, arms and feet more gorgeous to grab attention.

Here you have a lot of new patterns of Arabic mehndi design which you can draw on your own. These images depict the latest trend from all over the world. So this year you enjoy these designs and the next year you got more new design to sketch which makes your body more attractive.

Arabic mehndi patterns are easy to draw that’s why on many special event girls can formulate these designs as their own with their friends without any professional assistance. Girls also draw ring patterns on finger and shade their nails with mehndi to furnish them with nature color.

Pakistani Mehndi Design and styles

To choose a perfect design for formal and informal festive, Pakistani mehndi design are best alternative because it has the combination of both; Arabic and Indian mehndi designs. It makes an accurate steadiness in your flowery, paisley and geometric elements of styles.

These combinations of easy and difficult designs helps you to adapt a more appropriate design which suite your personality according to current fastidious event.

Indo-Arabic Mehndi Design and styles

The Indo-Arabic depicts the combination of Indian and Arabic designs which completes your research of finding a plentiful and gorgeous design for special events. The Arabic bold designs are filled with Indian complex and tiny design styles which complete your designs with delicate conventional styles and shades.

Moroccan Mehndi Design and styles

Moroccan Mehndi patterns are not like conventional patterns like flowery patterns and other above mentioned patterns. The Moroccan Mehndi patterns are more geometric nature designs. These designs are very famous in the Middle East.

Moroccan Mehndi patterns are filled with geometrical art, dot and parallel lines which completes a sketch. Moroccan Mehndi patterns are also like in African countries where people love to make tattoos on their body.

Mughlai Mehndi Design and styles

The mughls are famous in Asia for their cultural norms, values and tradition. They give a unique sense of drawing mehndi design on hands, arms and feet. This trend gets popularity in ancient times and still ladies love to sketch mughlai mehndi design on their hands, arms and feet. Mughlai mehndi designs are very detailed, neat and clean. Mughlai mehndi follow the single curl and speck patterns.

Indian Mehndi Design and styles

Indian mehndi style is bit complexes to draw because of these designs are narrowly sketched. The Indian designs follow the stars, swirl curves and unique twirl with flowery styles. This uniqueness in style makes it complicated for beginners to make these styles of their own.


Uniqueness in style makes Indian design more attractive that’s why women and girls wants to draw these designs on wedding ceremonies to embellish their bodies with nature color and styles. The Indian culture norm and values depicts in designs.

African Mehndi Design and styles

In most western countries, women like compose tattoos on their body, but this process are excruciating and it also damages your skin and its glowing. So to get rid of these artificial tattoos composing design ladies now prefer to draw mehndi design which furnishes their bodies with the color of nature. The African mehndi deign contains paisley, doodle heena victor and flowery swirl patterns. These patterns are also very famous in Eastern countries.

Multi Shades Mehndi Design and styles

The trend of mehndi design and styles are changing with the passage of time. The current era is the era of professionalism. Many professional mehndi designers applied different sparkling shades in mehndi design to enhance the attractiveness of design by coloring it with different shades so that designs bestow an artistic manifestation.

There are different glitters shades are available in the market which can be used in mehndi designs. Arabic patterns are mostly filled by these glitters and colors because the Arabic mehndi patterns are wider and can be filled with these extra shades which provides an aesthetic furnish to your design.

Floral and designer Mehndi Design and styles

To awarded you with a contemporary appearance on such great coming Eid-UL-fitr festival we fetch the traditional mehndi designs which contains flower bouquet, sunflowers, lotus and rose petals, leaves and swirl patterns, which embellish your hands, feet and arms with latest trendy design which glimpse can be seen in the images attached below.

This year you have to celebrate Eid happiness with open hand and open hearts. These give glimpse of nature and latest trendy style completes your wearing sense and awarded you with a  lavishing feminine appearance. The femininity manifestation surely grabs others’ intention.

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