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Satrangi Summer Collection 2017 Vol – 1 by Bonanza

Satrangi Summer Collection 2017 Vol – 1

Bonanza Satrangi Summer Affair Lawn 2017 is out now

So, Satrangi Bonanza has unleashed their Satrangi Summer Collection 2017 Vol – 1. So, as you know this fashion house is among the leading clothing brands in Pakistan and everyone loves to wear the dresses of this fashion house. So, don’t miss the Satrangi Summer Collection 2017 Volume One and get the inside story of the Summer Collection here. Well, you will love the Bonanza Satrangi New Summer Lawn Collection 2017 and you will something new in this newest collection for sure.

Bonanza Satrangi New Summer Affair Lawn 2017 Vol – 1

Well, the name of the collection is Satrangi New Spring Summer Affair Lawn Collection 2017 Vol-1. Well, this time around, the Satrangi Lawn Collection 2017 is giving you something new and different. They will be throwing out new designs, colorful textures, intricate designs and LOADS of LOADS of new styles of dresses.

Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Collection 2017 Things You Need To Know

Well, in this collection you will get

  • Three Piece Lawn Dresses
  • Two Piece Dresses
  • One Piece Dresses
  • Embroidered Lawn Dresses/ Silk Lawn
  • The fabric used is mainly Lawn & Silk

Satrangi Summer Collection 2017 Vol – 1 Fabric Material

Well, keep one thing in mind that the dresses will be really good and you will love the quality of the dresses is phenomenal too. The fabric mainly used is

  • Lawn
  • Silk
  • Embroidered Lawn/Silk
  • Digital Dobby
  • Digital Silk
  • Embroidered Dobby/Lawn
  • Digital Dobby/Silk
  • Embroidered Chiffon

Bonanza Satrangi Three Piece Lawn Dresses 2017

In this collection, you will get beautiful three piece lawn dresses. The designs, colors and hues combination is very eye-catching and enchanting too. You will see short and long shirts in the dresses. Here we have the pictures for you

Check out the Satrangi Summer Collection 2017 Vol – 1 on Satrangi Here.

Bonanza Satrangi Summer 2piece Lawn Vol-1 2017Satrangi Summer Collection 2017 Vol – 1

Well, you will see some breathtaking dresses from 2piece as well. The price of this collection is starting above 3000 and you will see lawn and chiffon fabric in the 2Piece of Satrangi Bonanza. The Dupatta and the shirt of the dresses are beautifully adorned with hues and styles. Here we have the beautiful pictures of Two Piece Lawn 2017.

Satrangi Bonanza One Piece Lawn 2017 Vol – 1

Well, next in the list is Satrangi Bonanza One Piece Lawn 2017 and the price of this will give you a sigh of relief. As the price of the collection is not that high and it is starting from RS. 980/- only. Here we have the pictures for you


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