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Top 10 Eid Earrings Trends 2014 for Teenagers | Latest Collection for Girls


See Top 10 Eid Earrings Trends 2014 for Teenagers | Latest Collection for Girls. Here in these teenagers’ trends we are going to discuss about earrings that is getting success very fast. Do you want to have good look pleasant and charming? This has been noted in human nature that always the humans want to look attractive and charming too. This keen and deep desire mostly has seen in the girls and women mostly. That’s the new trends and new amendments are made by the women’s. They always try to adapt some things in fashion and they leave the old fashions. Let’s discuss about the jewelry items, in which the most valuable are earrings that have a most attractive part of fashion for women’s. The face look is totally dependent on the earring that you are wearing.

Jewelry is likely wear by the women’s that they think is a part of life and without this there are no meanings of the life. Jewelry is the main thing that gives so happiness to the women’s in their life. Women always try and love to follow the new trend of fashion. This makes some changes in your personality that calls changes.

Imitations Jewelry Trends

Jewelry is the basic part of women life style without this they feel incomplete. This makes two women more superb and they always remain so serious about the fashion which includes Jewelry. These needs of the Jewelry and its worth are increasing day by day. The women’s craze boosts every year whenever the new trend comes on the market. The women like to wear gold mostly, but due to high cost, they leave them and get disappointed. The leave the option of Gold and they like more to wear artificial jewelry and also the craze and quest of both girls and women increases day by day, so let’s have brief overlook on the earrings. The designers use uncountable and many things to make many species of jewelry.

Double- Sided Earrings 2014

This is the best and 1st place, securing trend in 2014 and it is ranked among the top trends of earrings. This looks so nine from both back and front side and this trend includes more and more high cost and this trend’s passion is increasing day by day among women. Its significance is that it gives the impression from both sides that are the main reason that women have craze of this double side earrings.

Oversized Earrings, Fashion 2014

Over-sizes, earrings always have been the one of the best favorite trend in women. Its sight is so nice and gives an awesome look. This is always gets points to be bought and it likes to wear. It’s clear and show both traditional and classy look that is the best one that earns with both hands and attracts to each segment of age. This is mostly dressed up in traditional dresses and it secures also to the culture of any society.

Silver Earrings 2014

Silver earrings gives look like earth and rust look and it is so cool in wearing that don’t show much modern style on girls and women too. This trend mostly the girls adopt and they like to have during the tour of somewhere. This comes into use with some special and on memorable occasions. This is so simple type of earring that makes you look more beautiful than before. This proves and considers most gorgeous earrings in gifts because this is an ancient type of earrings.

Pearl Earrings 2014

This trend is so fashionable and considers so modern in the girls and women. This trend is so successful with the girls and the women also and this gets popularity in the peak class. This suits on occasions, especially in weddings and Hina program. They’re just simple pair can make the girls so attractive and beautiful. The girls should be more secure because about the earrings because in today’s day many earrings are coming fake and original too. Fresh one contains low price, while the old one contains very heavy chargers in the market.

Connected Chain Earrings 2014

In 2014 this chain trend of earrings is so common and easily available in the market. Two types such as silver color and gold color both catching and clutching fame in the market. This is being used in both girls and boys also and the mostly on function they are used. Some others

Ears Cuff Trend 2014

This is another type of new and classy trend of earrings in the year 2014. Different sizes of earrings have been used in earrings, but the cuff is a totally new one in the earrings too. They look so heavy in weight and they cover the big ears and it shows so modern class. This is demanded so high in the market and the customers also prefer to the Ear Cuffs first whenever they go into the market.

Daisy Motif Earrings 2014

They are available in different shapes and colors also and this also has so demanded in the marking. This also is available in the shape of such as snakes, birds, butterflies, dragon and starfish etc.

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