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Nishat Linen Summer Eid Collection 2016 With Prices


Well Ramzan is coming nearer and almost every brand is launching their collection for the upcoming Eid Festival. Nishat Linen Summer Eid Collection 2016 has been launched a few days ago. This time around they have made the dresses really enchanting and their theme is superb and classy and some of their products have been sold out already this showed how much people love this brand. ‘

Nishat Linen is one of the top brand of our country and they are producing some great outfits. This fashion house has been working since 1990. They have been performing really well in the fashion market for a decade now

Theme of the Nishat Linen Summer Eid-al-Fitr Collection 2016

Well, they surely have a lot to offer and they have some fascinating themes over the years and this time their theme is “ One Stop Shopping, One Stop Happiness” people can come here for delightful possibilities. This brand is making dresses of all kinds and they are working really hard to produce good results.

Nishat Linen Summer Eid Collection 2016 is a complete package and they have two major types for the upcoming Eid Festival. Their  two main types are NISHA for girls and NAQSH for men. This fashion house has talented designers and they make dresses according to the latest trends and ongoing styles. They make the dresses, stylish and their designing has a cultural touch.

NISHA, Eid-al-Fitr collection for Girls

It’s a tremendous collection for girls at this time and they have produced a product designed especially for girls and this NISHA Eid collection for Girls is really awesome and the colors of these dresses of NISHA are adorable and charming. They have made these dresses with a unique touch and they have produced elegant styling in it. Their dresses have long shirts and short shirts and beside that there are sleeveless outfits as well along with full sleeve outfits.

Sleeveless outfits

This brand is really modern and eye catching. Just take a look at these dresses by visiting their online site. Let me give you a concept of these dresses and styling in detail. They have used a combination of colors in a different way like if there is a shirt with red color, then they have used a different style of Duppatta including totally unique colors. Simply they have contrast in their sleeveless dresses and in the same way they have some dresses on which there is a rhythm and flow of colors for example, in these dresses the shirts are fully stylish and have beautiful designing and also they have used Flowers on shirts and to make a combination they have used those same flowers on the Duppatta as well in order to give a theme of the dresses and these styles enhance the beauty of the dress.

Take a look at these dresses closely and they are some photos given here as well.nishaunstiched

Full Sleeves Shirts

These shirts have a beautiful theme and they are just awesome girls can really enhance their beauty by using these dresses. With full sleeves dresses the colors used in the shirts are same as the colors used in the Duppattas. The shirts have elegant designing and an embroidery touch as well. They have used laces with a classy touch.


Some dresses have complete designing and styling and some dresses have less designing and these dresses, the styling and designing are done on the upper half of the dresses along with some ornamental work on the bottom of the dresses as well. They have used laces as well in these dresses.sssssssss

The cool thing about these dresses is that the contrast between the colors of a particular dress is really eye catching and graceful. Styling and laces are used in the Duppattas as well. In these shirts shalwars are simple and their colors are in accordance with the bloe

Prices range

The designers of this fashion house demands reasonable prices for their outfits and work.

The Full sleeve dresses has range usually from 2000 to 6000 and above.

Chiffon dresses and embroidery dresses have high prices because of their work and their designing and class and also the material of these dresses is so pure. Nishat Linen Summer Eid Collection 2016 is really adorable and worth using.


NAQSH Eid Collection for Men

Nishat Linen Summer Eid Collection 2016 for men is really simple and adorable and they made the dresses keeping in mind the desires of their customers. They have used simple colors and their styling is charming as they have used rectangular shapes on the shirts and also there are colored dots as well on the shirts. They have used art work on these dresses as well, making these dresses, adorable and one can really look charming in these dresses. They have used colors like gray, dark brown, skin color, red and light silver. These dresses are very suitable for summer as they are easy to use also they are very light and their material is so pure one can use them for a long time.

Price ranges of these dresses are from 1850 to 2500 and above.

NISHAT LINEN Summer Eid Collection for Kids

One must not forget that this brand is a complete package and they provide complete dress styles for everyone, even kids can enjoy the quality of these dresses. This fashion house has made some adorable dresses fro the kids as well. They are really colorful and little princesses and heroes can look more adorable by using these dresses.

Price ranges of these dresses are from 1350 to and above.

Other Fashion Products.

This fashion house provides not only beautiful dresses, but also some other useful stuff like bags, useful supplementary components and also beautiful bed sheets. Using these valuable products can make your life easy and beautiful.

The dresses from these outfits are equally loved by everyone and people from countries like UK, Canada, USA and Asia as well like these dresses. Nishat has an elegant and modern touch in its dresses and they are so fascinating for school going girls and for women living in houses and for married women.



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